Basalt stitched mats (BSM).

TU 23.99.19-003-93378912-2021


Basalt stitched mats MBP are flat mats or in rolls of canvases of staple basalt super-thin fibers, without the use of a binder, stitched in the longitudinal direction with basalt, glass, silica threads or roving.

Designed for thermal insulation of industrial and power equipment at thermal power plants, state district power plants, nuclear power plants, thermal units, pipelines and pipelines with negative temperatures, water and oil reservoirs, as a heat-insulating layer in the enclosing structures of residential, public and industrial buildings, in sound-absorbing and sound-insulating structures in shipbuilding , nuclear industry, civil and industrial construction.


  1. High level of heat, sound insulation and noise absorption
  2. Excellent mechanical properties
  3. Chemical resistance to oils, solvents, acids, alkalis
  4. Biostability
  5. High application temperature
  6. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic
  7. Non-flammable
  8. Non-explosive

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MBP mats can be made without lining or in lining with one, two, all sides glass, basalt, silica fabrics, with a metal mesh on one side, laminated with foil on one side.

BSM - mats without cover;
BSM- S - mats covered with fiberglass;
BSM- B – mats, lined with basalt fabric;
BSM- K – mats, lined with silica cloth;
BSM- 1М – mats, lined with metal mesh on one side;
BSM- 1Ф – mats lined with foil on one side.

Basalt stitched BSM mats belong to the group of non-combustible materials, the temperature of application of BSM mats without lining -260 + 750 ° С, in glass cloth lining -260 + 400 ° С, in basalt fabric lining -260 + 700 ° С, in silica fabric lining -260 + 900 ° С, covered with metal mesh -260 + 750 ° С, lined with foil -260 + 700 ° С.


Indicator name Value
1. Density, kg/m3, no more 25-60
2. Thermal conductivity, W / (mK), no more
at (10)°С
at (25)°С
at (125)°С
at (300)°С

3. Humidity,%, no more 2
4. Compressibility,%, no more 40
5. Elasticity,%, not less 80
Name mats Dimensions, mm
length width thickness
BSM 1000- 6000 400-1000 30-100
BSM- С (Б) (К) 1000-3000 400-1000 30-80
BSM -1М (1Ф) 1000-6000 1000 30-60

Packaging and storage

The mats are packed in plastic wrap. Mats should be stored in dry, closed rooms with a relative humidity of not more than 80%. The height of the stack of packages is not more than 3 meters.


BSM mats are transported by any type of covered transport that protects against moisture and contamination in accordance with the rules for the carriage of goods in force for this type of transport.