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LLC Dyatkovskoe Glass

The enterprise LLC "Dyatkovskoe steklo" was founded in 2006 for the production of heat and sound insulation materials based on super-thin staple basalt fiber, which is widely in demand in the modern world.

Heat and sound insulation materials are produced under the "STARIZOL" brand.

The offered products are of high quality, manufactured according to advanced domestic technologies and meet the highest requirements for these products. Basalt heat and sound insulating materials are an environmentally friendly material, since they are produced without the use of binders, they are durable, chemically resistant in aggressive environments, have high thermophysical properties, are easy to install and belong to the group of non-combustible materials.


  • ITN 3202010663
  • IEC 324501001
  • PSRN 1063202007582


LLC "Dyatkovskoe glass"
+7 (48333)3-83-02 ext.205, ext.206
Sales: +7 920 841-10-14;
+7 919 195-37-74
Legal address:
242600, Bryansk region Dyatkovo, Dobroslavina avenue, 2
email: dsteklo32@yandex.ru

Production address:
242640, Bryansk region, Dyatkovsky district, village. Star, Lenin str., 6

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